About Us

Our site is run by full time professional bettor and Best Selling author; Anthony Gibson.Our site was set up to bring clients the very best system based betting on a range of sports. We specialise mainly in UK horseracing.

We offer several different services;

  1. Membership to a series of tested systems for which daily selections are provided to paying members only. See our membership section and subscriber systems for more information.
  2. You can buy individual systems – horse racing, football, greyhound racing or financial systems.
  3. You can buy my book, The Value Seeker System.
  4. You can attend an afternoon with me learning how to bet using three of my most successful strategies.

Why Take A Systematic Approach

With so many meetings these days and low grade racing it is difficult to keep track of everything going on daily, on our site we advocate a systematic approach to betting. This does not mean the form book goes out of the window, it means that the systems we use, which are form based, take into account many different approaches to finding winners, we therefore advocate the use of all of our current members systems. For each individual system included in our site membership I post daily selections. Each system will have its own separate bank and level of staking and will generally select horses using an entirely different method from another, yet may at times come up with the same selection.

To follow all of our members systems you simply combine the recommended banks and stakes advised and back the selections given out each day, if more than one system gives out the same selection, this will carry a higher stake as you are combining stakes from two banks. Using this method made our clients over 700 points profit in 2015 alone. If you want to be selective simply follow the system or systems that gives out selections that suit your own style of betting.

At www.bettingsystem.info we do not make any false promises, all of our profits are 100% genuine, and are proofed to members on a daily basis via our membership. Please note here that like any other tipping service we do have runs were results may be flat for a period or even have losing runs, unfortunately this is all part and parcel of betting on horseracing or any other type of sport. The whole idea of having a betting bank and staking plan is to get us over the expected losing run and out of the other side in profit. I have personally been in the sport for over 40 years and have never encountered any system or selection method that does not have losing runs, anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is lying.

Anthony Gibson at York
Tony Gibson welcoming one of his horses back into the paddock at York.

If you cannot take a loss and want to get rich quick then we cannot accommodate you and I suggest you ring the premium rate numbers advertised in the press, who tip 33/1 winners each and every day.

Our Approach Beats The Banks

Investing money following our services is proven to beat any of the banks miserly interest rates or advertised investments such as ISA’s. Our Value Seeker service to date has made clients over 50% returns on investment. i.e. every pound placed on this systems selections returns you fifty pence.

Following select ions from our site and setting up the required banks and recommended stakes should take away the stresses betting can place upon punters who become emotionally involved with gambling, we are investors on the site not mugs. Mugs are the people you see in most betting shops on a daily basis betting on anything that moves. Our bets are carefully considered with a long term approach to profits. Our site was established in 2005 and many of my original members are still with me.

Please note: Whilst all information on this site is checked out by system experts for profitability. It is impossible to to predict how the systems etc. will perform in the future. You should always ensure that the rules of any method are always adhered to. You should follow all of the authors advice on size of bank recommended. Staking etc. Always ensure the bank you set aside to operate any method is an amount you can afford to lose. There are risk’s attached to any form of betting.