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The Punt Paperback Book
The Punt Paperback Book

The Punt Paperback

SYSTEM ONE IN OUR LEARN TO BET SERIES A PROFESSIONAL PUNTERS APPROACH TO FINDING WINNERS AND BETTING EXPLAINED. Statistics to Date, 20 months betting £23,000 profit to £100 level stakes taking Betfair SP £27,600 profit to £100 level stakes taking early prices at best odds guaranteed 847 bets to date 439 winners 52% strike rate 30% return on investment.


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Strongform Betting System
Strongform Betting System


This betting system uses the latest innovation in the Racing Post form pages to source selections. This information can be sourced either online or via the paper version of the post. Possible selections are highlighted at a glance, the book explains to use this information to the best possible effect. There are three approaches explained in the book, one is to bet on all selections applying little selectivity, using this approach when the method is most effective from May through to November made an amazing 1335 level stakes points profit with an

equally amazing 31% strike rate and like for like return on investment i.e. every £1

staked returned £1.05.

The second method which applies class to the selection process dramatically cuts down the number of qualifiers but increases the strike rate to an amazing 46% whilst cutting down on the losing runs yet increases the return on investment to every £1 staked returns £1.70 and total points profit of 446 in the same period as above.

The third method goes a step further down the selectivity process by again taking class into account but reducing the SP of horses that qualify for a bet, this process further cuts down on the number of bets, and again increases our strike rate to 61% in the same period mentioned above.

The information in this book is a must-read for any punter serious about backing horses with a view to making long-term profits.


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Armchair Profits
Armchair Profits: A Betting System Compilation by Anthony Gibson

Armchair Profits

Armchair Profits is a compendium of horseracing betting systems by Anthony Gibson. Here you will find an array of intensively tested and methodically put together systems designed to make money in the long term.

Some may seem impossibly simple but, with the many hours of research necessary already done for you, bets will quickly become apparent freeing up the time to relax in your armchair and enjoy the profits!

Anthony reveals his latest profitable approaches, combined with detailed records, and thoughtfully concludes with invaluable advice on staking plans and betting banks.


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The Value Seeker Betting System Book by Anthony Gibson
Value Seeker: The Betting System by Anthony Gibson

Value Seeker System

The Value Seeker System searches out the best value bets each day from racing that takes place in Britain, using a copy of the Racing Post and following a strong set of statistics allied with some simple aspects of form.

With practice, selections can be found within ten minutes each morning and placed before racing takes place. There is no reason to get emotionally involved betting on live racing as the author believes this is most punters’ downfall.

Professional punter Anthony Gibson’s system has performed extremely well over the last ten years. In an 18-month period up to the end of 2014, his Value Seeker betting system has earned £138,000 to £100 bets. By following the system you could soon be backing good value winners overlooked by the general betting population.


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