Got A System To Sell?

How it works…



Anyone who has a profitable system they have developed can earn money by posting their system on this site. Once you have proofed bets to me ( minimum 2 months ). Or the results and selection method are checkable and prove to be 100% genuine. I will allow you to advertise your system on the site.
A commission will be paid to the system owner for every copy sold. This fee is negotiable. When both parties are happy with the commission rate, the system and all relevant information e.g. past results, time taken to find selections, newspaper required etc. will be posted on the site for potential clients to browse.

Tipsters. If you run a tipping service why not use the site to build up your client base? Again a commission rate for posting all relevant information about your service on the site can be negotiated. No details of clients using your service will be passed to you. This information remains the property of this site, and all business regarding your service will be run through this site. Again you will only be able to advertise your service after a proven and profitable 2 months period.

There will be no false claims made through this site regarding the profits of any service or systems. Claims made will be 100% genuine. No information must be copied or borrowed from any other source.

The systems and information will remain on the site at our own discretion.