Top Jockey System

£13,600 Profit this Year *

Anthony Gibson’s latest method is based on top jockeys. Looking at the top jockeys you cannot just bet blindly on all their rides, you have to delve a lot deeper into what you think is happening. Nobody is better qualified to do this than Anthony Gibson.

How to profit following Horse Racing’s Elite.

A selection method devised by Professional Gambler and Top Selling Author Anthony Gibson.

Horse Racing is no different from any other sport in that a class will eventually rise to the top of the tree and stay there for a few many seasons. The ultimate example being the supreme jockey Tony McCoy or better known these days as Sir Anthony McCoy. This jockey was a champion for 20 consecutive years amassing a total of over 4000 winners in the process an average of 207 winners per season, see below:-

Top Jockey Annual Results Table
Top Jockey Annual Results Table

Of course backing all of his mounts blindly would have left you in the red each of the above 20 seasons. It is key as a punter to try to sort out the wheat from the chaff. All top jockeys employ an agent to book their mounts, it is their judgement that will determine the amount of winners a jockey will ride in a season. As punters we have to try and put ourselves in the agents shoes and cherry pick the mounts we feel have the strongest chance on the day.
If a jockey’s agent has done his or her job as a punter we can benefit from their knowledge and being patient and only backing horses that fit our criteria we can turn this knowledge into profit. Over the years as a punter I have benefited from this knowledge and have set a certain criteria that a horse must fit for me to make it a bet. Of course it has to be ridden by one of the current seasons top jockeys. It must have good recent form, fall into a certain price bracket and be rated to win the race. Each season my list of jockeys will change slightly for obvious reasons e.g. retirement or injury but generally in the main the list remains the same.

* £100 Level stake betting recorded at Starting Price. All bets since 01/01/2017 proofed on, profit to level stakes at SP = 136 points.